The Hypnotherapist's Companion

A practical guide to practice

the most commonly asked questions from therapists

I wanted this book to address therapists’ real-world concerns, so for the ‘big finale’ I sent out a plea for questions and these are some of the ones that came back. It's my version of a kind of 'hypnotic agony aunt'!



The areas covered by this section include:

Getting the most out of supervision

Don't let your empathy get you down

Questions from the front line (real-life questions from real-life therapists!)

Am I losing my touch?.

When enquiries don't lead to bookings.

An ex-client, who came to me for weight loss and actually put on more weight is praising me on Facebook.

A client wants me to see her 10-year-old son. I have no experience in treating children.

I only like to see women clients. Can I do this?

I have been seeing six clients a day and am finding it difficult to switch off.

How much self-care is enough?

How can I incorporate self-care into my routine without feeling guilty?

How do I balance being empathetic with being an effective business-person?


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Miscellaneous Information

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