The Hypnotherapist's Companion

A practical guide to practice

the therapy loop - a therapy protocol by Debbie Waller

One of the most common questions I'm asked as a trainer is how a therapy plan can provide both structure and flexibility. The Therapy Loop© is my answer, mapping how your client moves through your practice and helping you to remain focused on the right approach all the way.

developing your therapy skills over time

In this section of the book, I'm looking at how you can develop additional skills and knowledge to apply when working with your clients. How can you make your client's experience the best possible one when you are working with them? I have it here.

business tips for therapists

When you trained as a therapist, I'm sure you intended to spend your days helping people. But therapists are business owners as well and need to know how to keep control of the business side of things and grow their practice to be truly successful. 

troubleshooting for therapists

There are certain questions that come up a lot - in supervision, on social media groups, and in training. I've gathered together the most frequently asked questions I've come across and given you my answers here, with plenty of research to back up the answers.

therapy supervision - the most common questions asked

I wanted this book to address therapists’ real-world concerns, so for the ‘big finale’ I sent out a plea for questions and these are some of the ones that came back. It's my version of a kind of 'hypnotic agony aunt'!

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