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Since qualifying as a Hypnotherapist, I have run a busy practice based in Yorkshire, where I live. I worked part-time at first, while my children were young, then full time when they went to senior school. They're now grown up so my time is, even more, my own - but there is always somehow enough to do to fill it!

I started as a general practitioner but got interested in working with stress and its related issues, and extended my training so I could offer stress management coaching in addition to hypnotherapy. I'm very keen on extending my skills and later added EMDR/BLAST to my 'toolbox' as well.

I had done a number of seminars and workshops for local employers and was offered a position teaching hypnotherapy for a national therapy training organisation. I loved doing this and was there for three years, after which I left and launched my own training organisation, Yorkshire Hypnotherapy Training. Since then I have, when time allows, become a speaker at Conferences, including the UK Hypnosis Convention. 

I also offer hypnotherapy supervision, so I currently divide my time between my students, supervisees, clients and writing.

My first published book was 'The Hypnotherapy Handbook' edited by Ann Jabloba, which is a kind of anthology; eight articles written by different authors on different topics. I contributed an article on working with IBS, and felt I had officially become one-eighth of an author when it was published! Determined to increase this to 100%, I wrote 'Their Worlds, Your Words' which aims to help you collect the right information from clients and use it to create individual, personalised session content.

The current title, The Hypnotherapist's Companion, is the next step along. Once you have clients, and have started working with them, it will (I hope) help answer all those questions and conundrums that are likely to arise. 

The books are available as paperbacks or kindle.



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Please email me at, replacing the # with @ to make a valid email address. Or you can contact me via my social media.




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