The Hypnotherapist's Companion

A practical guide to practice

emergency help for therapists This book was originally inspired by blogs I've been writing over a longer period of time than I like to think, which I publish as an online magazine called 'Hypnotherapy Training & Practitioner'. I've had some wonderful feedback from readers saying how useful they found the information on this site, and it was recognised in 2020 with an Apex Award for Social Media/Blog content.

Most of the articles are inspired by my students and supervisees; the day-to-day problems they come across as they learn new skills and develop their practices, and the questions they most often ask. I wanted to take the idea of having handy answers to those questions gathered all in one place and run with it - the result was this book. It contains a few of the more popular articles from HT&P, (updated and extended, of course) alongside plenty of new and unique material. 

The book is laid out in articles, grouped into sections: how to develop therapy plans that are both structured and flexible (whatever your experience level or theoretical approach); how to develop your skills as a therapist: how to run and grow your business effectively; troubleshooting for those 'What now?' moments; and, finally, questions from the front line - suggested by therapists as they work with Apex 2020 Award Winnertheir clients. The answers provided are not just my own views, they are supported with research - legal and ethical resources are mined to bring you the best possible solutions to those conundrums we all face as we practice this wonderful career of ours.

The Hypnotherapist's Companion can be read as a complete work or you can dip in and out, looking for those nuggets of information that you need right now, or those that simply catch your eye. It can help students and newly qualified therapists develop and grow in their new career, or sit on the bookshelf of trainers and supervisors who are likely to be asked these questions themselves. 

I hope you enjoy it, I've certainly loved writing it, and would be happy to hear from you.

Debbie Waller


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